New Year, New Me?

I’m sure we’ve all heard or seen that one person who says, “New year, new me!” and actually seem like they mean it. But every new year, at the first of January, it’s always that same adage, “New year, new me.” It constitutes a few eye rolls and yeah rights because it’s the same thing every year. And sometimes, people may seem like they have every intention on being ‘new’, but it never quite reaches that status. People starting new gym memberships every year. The same guy probably sees them at the gym and shakes his head because he knows they’ll be there for probably the next couple of weeks and then whoosh, they vanish. Is it so hard to actually change, to make a ‘new’ you for the new year?
I find myself being in the middle. I am that person who tries to keep an open mind. I use to be that person who when the new year would roll around, I wouldn’t even notice because to me, it’s another day. I even played the new years resolution game, but I knew better. Setting goals were more my forte than a resolution. Goals that were written, proof that I wanted to make some changes. I made lists on things that I wanted to work on. But as the years rolled by, I kind of just let that all go down the drain. Especially after having my son, I completely ignored the notion of any goal setting or resolution keeping. I decided most recently that there’s nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself, especially since I feel like I’m in this position where my son could someday grow up and look to me as inspiration for setting goals for his life. I had to think about this when this new year came about and I really looked at my life and where I am. I’m not any closer to my goals than I was last year. I came very close last year but I let my own self get in my way. A mistake I know all too well and should want to learn from. I let my own self talk myself out of everything I ever wanted to do. Restarting school to complete my degree, venturing out and starting to style on my own, and numerous other things. I let my own mind poison itself successfully when I could’ve had so much more. But I also understand I can’t let myself get myself down. I try to always keep a positive outlook on my life and the decisions I made. Thus far, I am not terribly satisfied but I’m also not incredibly disappointed because I still have a relatively healthy, growing child who drives me crazy and who loves me unconditionally (and I, him). I am still employed and able to take care of business in my home and bills (barely!). I have to look at the positive points because I know if I focus on the negative issues, I’m just going to freak out!
So, to put things in perspective, I do believe it’s not too far-fetched to make a ‘new’ you by setting realistic goals; goals that are made in a timely manner. Not to be too hard on yourself but also have enough confidence in yourself to make things happen. To truly have a time managed list of things you want to achieve and to hold yourself accountable. It’s so possible to make your life the best it can be and to work hard on it. To never to give up on your goals and your dreams. You have to believe in yourself and what you are capable of because if you don’t believe in yourself, how in the hell can anyone else?