I am finally back!!! It has been the hardest time for me this summer (well, the month of August was a little more difficult) trying to do anything other than work or take care of my son! I feel almost a little stifled in a way, but my son comes first before any and everything. I have been working at my new position for Tommy Hilfiger and I enjoy it thoroughly. I have been blessed to have known someone who got me into that store and since then, I have been proving to the team and myself that I am a valuable addition and reliable asset to the store. The energy in the store is so amazing between management and associates. It’s been truly amazing and I’ve received the number of hours necessary to be able to be in the store and also take care of my boy. Only problem was…babysitting!!!
Trying to find a babysitter was a struggle (following some drama in the family between certain people, who shall remain nameless because it doesn’t matter), to say the least! Because that doesn’t begin to describe it! It was a daily siege trying to get some sort of care for my son while I went off to work. I needed to work, I HAVE to work. I have a strong desire to work, it’s in me to do so. But it was also a hindrance because if I couldn’t find a babysitter, I had to miss out on a day. That was one of the hardest parts for me so far. I lost out on the opportunities to do so much with my mentor because of my not being able to juggle THAT part of my life as well as COMMUNICATE with him. I look back at that and know that I made a mistake in not being able to verbally let him know why I was lackluster in my passion. It pained me but I know business is business, and the show must go on, even if it does mean without me. I understood and accepted this. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less!
I still have my goals in mind now that school is about to be back in session for my little munchkin and I’m very excited for him in this next phase of his life, I’m excited about my next phase as well. He just turned 4 (love love love him to the moon and back and then back to the moon, and then back to the earth again, many times over) and I can see so much in him. I just hope with the help of our family and his school that we can bring all that good potential out of him, because I know my baby is amazing. And fall is my absolute most FAVORITE time of the year! Not only because it starts to get cooler (apparently California doesn’t count when it comes to that because this is suppose to be one of the hottest months in our “seasons”) and school is back in session (no more babysitting issues!) but because of all the amazing FASHION that is about to take place. Fashion Week in NY has already begun and although I’m no longer with my mentor in that sense, that won’t stop me from continuing on with my journey. I will still be involved with fashion in every way possible. I have already planned out what I will be doing as far as that. I’m not going to slump one bit, not anymore, because this falls on me to prove to myself that I can do it, I can be successful. I have to make sure I continuously do what needs doing and continue to give my all to my aspiration in building a career in fashion. That takes precedence and the urgency is REAL! My son, my job, my career building. I have so much I want to do and I have even bigger news ahead (coming soon!!). Nothing is going to stop me except for me. I am my own worst enemy. Aside from the babysitting issue, I am going to move on the up and up. I cannot fail in that regard. It’s coming to that for me.


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