Paris Fashion Week!

Paris Fashion Week!!


Who doesn’t love a great fashion week? What’s more, who doesn’t love a Paris Fashion Week?? Paris Fashion is the pinnacle of which all the fashion weeks try to be but there can only be one! As much as I enjoy New York Fashion Week and fully support it even though I clearly do not live in New York, I can’t help but be continuously in awe of the fashion in Paris, on and off the runway.

The street style in Paris is unlike the street styles anywhere else. It’s just something about that Parisian air and atmosphere that makes almost everyone there a walking piece of fashion. They are completely and utterly chic and it kills me! How do they do it?

The runways never disappoint as well. Taking in shows via online can be a little sad because you only get a taste of the experience, barely a taste. To see the models walking the runway, to see the movement of the ensemble, to see the fabrics and want to reach out and touch them, to see the colors up close and personal, to sit and be hypnotized by an amazing piece of work, and to be sitting next to one of the most stylish people on the planet is something I hopefully will get to indulge in one day. No, I’m not a hopeless case, I know I will be there one day. Watching the shows, however, made me feel like everyone was going back to the more structured, streamlined look. No slouchy pieces (if any, it was minimal), very straight, very put-together, and very long. I was thoroughly inspired by the stories of Balmain, A.F. Vandevorst, and Haider Ackermann the most because of those very reasons. The use of the different materials and the imagination that must have brought them on had me completely enthralled. There were some colors but the absence of color wasn’t lost on me as there were mostly black and whites on the runway and always will be. Ready to wear collections are always going to give you some looks that make absolute sense and then others you look and wonder, ‘what was the inspiration behind this? I’m confused.’ Dior definitely had a throwback element in the collection. Beautiful and voluminous like the ladies of decades and centuries past. I was lost on the Alexandre Vauthier presentation because there was football mixed with swimwear, I think, and lots of leather pieces. I wish I could have gotten to stand there and see what the vision was for it because I was lost in translation and I normally die over Vauthier.

All in all, I will continue to look onward for PFW. More shows coming and I can’t wait to see what else we have to look forward to for Spring. I’m always excited for fall, nothing will ever top the way I feel about fall fashion, but Spring is pushing its way into my heart a bit as well.



Running Amok with No Direction!

So September has been an interesting month for me so far. My son is back in school (yay!) even though he is being a bit crazy about it, he still loves it. I am still working diligently at Tommy Hilfiger. And I’m still working towards finding new avenues to make my foray into fashion possible. Steps, baby steps. Besides that brief summary of what’s going on, I have to say, I am happy in a lot of ways. I just have to keep my eye on the prize and honestly, it’s been hard to do.

I have a lot going on as far as work is concerned. My manager asked me if I would like to be involved in an event they have coming up and I was absolutely elated to be even thought about when it came to anything big. So I, of course, said I am down for that! I can’t share too much because it hasn’t been set in stone just yet but I am hoping that it will be and soon, because I am dying to prove to myself and to management that I am as awesome as I feel I am. I’m sure they must think I’m pretty awesome if they are happy that I am there. I’ve never felt so appreciated in my life at a job and since they appreciate me, the least I can do is continue to do a great job and try to reach for a higher position.

Fashion week is still going on all over the globe! Although NYFW is done, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more going on such as London and then there will be Paris and Milan. I am trying to keep up! It hasn’t been a breeze, I still have to try and designate a time to sit and review all the shows that I’ve missed so I can see what’s going to be coming our way for Spring, but I know I can manage. I like to see what will be trending and what shows look like complete devastations. I also want to take in some menswear as well as I’m falling in love with the men’s fashion lately. The men clothing has come a long way and has more meat to it than ever before so that’s my main reason for why I do enjoy what they have going on now. One day, I’ll get to eventually go to Fashion Weeks all over because although I do enjoy watching the shows from home, there’s nothing like seeing the looks up close! To see the fabrics, the movement, and the details would serve a lot better than via photos or videos. There’s nothing that can compete with that experience (outside of becoming a mother for the first time of course, that’s a given) so I would really love to be apart of something like that.

I’m still a bit torn up about some things that have gone on, that I’d rather not share, but throwing myself into motherhood and work has been very nice for me, to keep me very preoccupied and listless. Summer needs to go away already as well and make way for fall so we aren’t killing ourselves going outside! Fashion Week in San Diego is about to take place and we don’t need anymore heat! I’m hoping to be involved in some way with San Diego Fashion Week (because it’s not as big a deal as the other major cities but still, I’m a local and I have to support the scene, no matter what). With all that being said, I’m excited to tell more about everything going on with the event with Tommy Hilfiger and the Fashion Week shows. Stay tuned!

When Summer Gets In The Way!

I am finally back!!! It has been the hardest time for me this summer (well, the month of August was a little more difficult) trying to do anything other than work or take care of my son! I feel almost a little stifled in a way, but my son comes first before any and everything. I have been working at my new position for Tommy Hilfiger and I enjoy it thoroughly. I have been blessed to have known someone who got me into that store and since then, I have been proving to the team and myself that I am a valuable addition and reliable asset to the store. The energy in the store is so amazing between management and associates. It’s been truly amazing and I’ve received the number of hours necessary to be able to be in the store and also take care of my boy. Only problem was…babysitting!!!
Trying to find a babysitter was a struggle (following some drama in the family between certain people, who shall remain nameless because it doesn’t matter), to say the least! Because that doesn’t begin to describe it! It was a daily siege trying to get some sort of care for my son while I went off to work. I needed to work, I HAVE to work. I have a strong desire to work, it’s in me to do so. But it was also a hindrance because if I couldn’t find a babysitter, I had to miss out on a day. That was one of the hardest parts for me so far. I lost out on the opportunities to do so much with my mentor because of my not being able to juggle THAT part of my life as well as COMMUNICATE with him. I look back at that and know that I made a mistake in not being able to verbally let him know why I was lackluster in my passion. It pained me but I know business is business, and the show must go on, even if it does mean without me. I understood and accepted this. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less!
I still have my goals in mind now that school is about to be back in session for my little munchkin and I’m very excited for him in this next phase of his life, I’m excited about my next phase as well. He just turned 4 (love love love him to the moon and back and then back to the moon, and then back to the earth again, many times over) and I can see so much in him. I just hope with the help of our family and his school that we can bring all that good potential out of him, because I know my baby is amazing. And fall is my absolute most FAVORITE time of the year! Not only because it starts to get cooler (apparently California doesn’t count when it comes to that because this is suppose to be one of the hottest months in our “seasons”) and school is back in session (no more babysitting issues!) but because of all the amazing FASHION that is about to take place. Fashion Week in NY has already begun and although I’m no longer with my mentor in that sense, that won’t stop me from continuing on with my journey. I will still be involved with fashion in every way possible. I have already planned out what I will be doing as far as that. I’m not going to slump one bit, not anymore, because this falls on me to prove to myself that I can do it, I can be successful. I have to make sure I continuously do what needs doing and continue to give my all to my aspiration in building a career in fashion. That takes precedence and the urgency is REAL! My son, my job, my career building. I have so much I want to do and I have even bigger news ahead (coming soon!!). Nothing is going to stop me except for me. I am my own worst enemy. Aside from the babysitting issue, I am going to move on the up and up. I cannot fail in that regard. It’s coming to that for me.