New Style and Men’s Dean Hall’s editorial featuring model Dathan Shades Heads to Tijuana in Summer Prints for Dorian Magazine

Just one project of many for Style and Men’s Dean Hall. Tijuana Summer-Following his swimwear shoot, photographer Billy Winters reunites with Dorian magazine for a new editorial. Traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, Wi

via Dathan Shades Heads to Tijuana in Summer Prints for Dorian Magazine.


The Busy Bee Making Honey

It’s been a busy few weeks, well, few months for me. I really haven’t been able to manage my time as well as I normally could. My personal and work time all mush together now, and forget trying to find time to do normal house work. I usually have to reserve time after my son is put to be bed to get the house back to working order. I’m usually up late because of this very reason. But now that I’m starting to get a routine, I think I can finally return to some sense of normalcy within my life, both professional and personal. I can separate the two, that’s not the issue. The problem here is I’m spreading myself too thin. And that is a problem for me. Not only that, but I have to make sure my son is getting the attention and love that he needs and deserves. He understands mommy is working when I’m not home, but it still worries me that when he gets older it will affect him. I’m just hoping that I’m not doing too much.
With that being said, I am enjoying my new position at Tommy Hilfiger. I am still working at my first job at Express, but not as many hours are being offered and I despise that. I like working. Not only do I like working, I like being at work and helping customers. That’s what I enjoy doing. But I had a pleasant surprise at Tommy when one of the managers told me they were very happy that I was working there and that I’ve been doing really good. Needless to say, my little heart warmed and I was like, “Awwwww!” I felt so appreciated and I never really had that at a workplace before. Well, I did, at Subway but that almost doesn’t count! This was different for me because I heard it more than once from three of the managers at Tommy. I was really happy to have heard that and yes, in turn that will make me want to continue to do a good job. In fact, it makes me want to do an amazing job and keep not only reaching but exceeding my goals, sales and otherwise. Express likes me well enough, I think, but I feel like they think differently of me and don’t really let me utilize my skills to the fullest extent possible. It’s a little stifling, but I can’t complain. I just go in and do my job and try to make the day go as greatly as I can.
My own personal goals are still very important to me. I still want to make sure I keep working on my personal blog as well as the blog for my Fashion Stylist mentor/boss/dear friend, and being the best mother I can for my son and making sure that he knows he’s the most important person in my life. Still playing catch up with so many things, but I know I can get a handle on everything. I just need to take it all a piece at a time so I’m not feeling overwhelmed. Building a list might be able to assist me in managing my time a lot better so that I’m not going days without posting. I need to designate days for certain things I need to do during the week and still make sure I juggle time for my son to go on doctor/dentist visits. I can’t believe my boy will be 4 very soon. Time is flying and getting away from me with every day that passes. Implementing the list is crucial at this point. I need to do this or I will forever be procrastinating and things just won’t get done when they should. Now to start the list…