We All Need A Little Help From Our Friends (Family!)…

I have been walking a fine line for a long time with job searching but I’ve been very fortunate, or blessed rather, to have relationships that I have here in San Diego. And so the story goes..

I am working at Express, a great place for trendy looks for women AND men! Very popular with the 18-30 crowd I would say, and some older women I’ve noticed as well. And why not? You only look as old as you feel, or maybe that’s vice versa. Well, I enjoy it very much and I get to use my God-given talent of being able to make people look amazing! Why wouldn’t I enjoy it? Except that I’m not there as much as I would like and that’s okay because they have a lot of great employees there. It’s great for me, but not so much my wallet and bills MUST be paid. I can’t pay bills and rent with Trident layers and smiles or else I would have so much done if that were the case!

I was still on the prowl for a part time job, something to just help supplement or even be a bigger piece of the pie for me, but I wanted to say in the retail zone. I love clothing, I love styling, I love fashion, so I tried to keep my search to just clothing retail but I knew I would have to expand on that, and I did. I had something that seemed very promising pop up. And I did everything they asked, I got through both interviews pretty smoothly and took the offered position. I did the drug screening that you’re suppose to do and was told once the results came in and were good, that I would receive a call detailing the date of the orientation so I could start. Well, that didn’t happen. I had to call THEM for the results (I literally had 24 hours to take the drug screening and I went as soon as the man handed me the paper necessary for the test) and it was cleared, I was good to go but they were having some issues with scheduling the orientation. So I had to wait some more. And waited I did. I called again, still no progress. I was feeling like the search needed to continue because I was never going to hear any good news from them involving my official start date (and rent was coming up). While on that search, I received a call from my dear friend, confidant, and fashion styling mentor. He let me know that a very prominent store (an American designer that is quintessentially all that is American and stylish, very Hampton) was looking to hire and that I needed to call the contact he had for the store. I took the number and the news very seriously. I felt like this is a sign. I need to call and set this up immediately. I called and left a message for the gentleman and he called me back very quickly, which was very new to me because I’ve noticed almost everyone in San Diego will get back to you when they’re ready to, they were so “relaxed” about so many things, including call backs. But he called me back very promptly and we chatted for a bit about my experience, how long I knew said mentor, and then if I could come in and bring my resume and fill out an application. Of course I can!! I went in, we talked, gave him my resume, and we scheduled an interview. Interview came, did a great job and was scheduled for another interview. That interview was this past week and it went very well. I filled out some more paperwork and will be meeting with the DM of the store.

I always believe so many things happen for a reason the way that they happen. News come into your life when you least expect it. This opportunity in front of me was one I couldn’t ignore. Even with so many things going awry it feels, I keep pushing myself forward. I just try to propel myself and elevate my thinking always because I notice when I start having terrible thoughts, anything negative coming into the brain, I immediately feel the effect of that negativity. It’s like a force field that keeps out the good. So I decided a long time ago to only allow good thoughts to circle in my head instead and always try to keep myself optimistic about everything. Even when something doesn’t go my way, I always make sure to let myself know that it obviously wasn’t meant for me. I don’t know if this is a test or not but I’m going with it. I’m going to try my hardest to pass this test as best as I can. I recently had to cut emotional ties with a relationship/friendship that I felt was causing more burden than happiness. It was tough but since I did that, I noticed that it felt like a weight had been lifted and I felt immense ease. Although hard, harsh, it had to be done for my own good and yes, it sounds incredibly selfish, but I had to do for me. I’m always looking out for others, it was time I let the truth come into the forefront and be what it is.

Everyday is new, which means it is endless possibilities to a day. But one thing remains constant and that’s whatever mood you start your day in, that’s the mood with which your day will be carried and end with. If you’re miserable all the time when you wake up, it’s time to change some things in your life to make your day move smoothly. Sure, there’s always going to be bumps in the road, but that’s all a part of the plan of life. I choose happiness. I choose my own happiness, my son’s happiness over anything else. Because I have to, because it’s necessary and it’s right. It’s also best for our healths to let go of anything that can deviate from a life filled with joy. I choose happiness. I have the help of my friends and my loving family for that because they help me more than they know just by being in my life, and seeing me go through things and giving me the assistance I need. Whether it’s advice or something more tangible (a job lead). At the end of my day, I want to go to bed smiling and ready for the next day with all it’s opportunities ready for me to take on. And a little hand slapping me in the face when it’s time to wake up!


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Under construction. Having a real heart-to-heart with a mentor and dear friend can change your view on so much.